COVID-19 PVC Stand alone screen

COVID-19 PVC Stand alone screen

The COVID-19 pandemic is giving us all new challenges every day.

The control of the spread of COVID-19 is the nation’s priority in order to limit the pressure on the NHS.

Following government guidelines, social distancing of 2-meters is a necessary requirement to help prevent and control the spread of COVID 19.

Businesses that are required or can remain open but social distancing is key for this to be both safe and acceptable.

In communal spaces such as counters, offices and food preparation areas, the 2-meter guidance maybe impossible.

However, to protect your staff, customers and the general public barrier screens can provide protection.

By implementing the COVID 19 barrier screens, you will be able to create a safer and cleaner environment for all,

whilst building confidence and reassurance in your staff and customers.

COVID 19 barrier screens should be used in conjunction with a risk assessment within the working area.

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